Dr Florencia Beraldi-Kiely: Cronulla Dentist

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Dr Florencia (Flora) Beraldi-Kiely grew up in Buenos Aires in Argentina, moving to Cronulla in 2015 after graduating from the University of Salvador with her Bachelor of Dentistry.

Flora greatly enjoys dentistry because it includes a diverse range of treatments, but she especially loves the opportunity to meet new people each day. Flora likes building meaningful relationships with our patients, built on mutual trust and respect, and finds it incredibly rewarding when she has a positive impact on another person’s life.

Flora enjoys all aspects of dentistry but is particularly interested in prosthodontics and surgical procedures such as tooth removals and operative dentistry. She is an extremely patient dentist, especially when treating children, taking the time to build a trusting relationship with them. Flora believes in maintaining physical and mental wellness. Flora knows that when she feels healthy, it is easier to influence others positively.

She is very easy to chat with, and her favourite subjects include family, movies and travelling. Flora is bilingual, speaking English as well as Spanish fluently. When not helping patients at Happy Rock Dental, Flora is a keen devotee of Crossfit and loves to travel whenever she gets the chance.

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