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Fresh Breath Cronulla
Everybody wants to have fresh breath. Occasional bouts of bad breath are generally linked to consuming certain foods or to smoking, or to lifestyle habits, but more persistent halitosis could indicate a problem. If you are at all concerned about your breath, please make an appointment to come and see us here at Happy Rock Dental as we can help you.
Our dentists can examine your mouth for any signs of dental problems such as gum disease or decay which could be affecting your breath and can offer the most suitable solutions to help restore your dental health. If we cannot find anything wrong with your dental health then it might be worth seeing your doctor. Sometimes bad breath can be due to an undiagnosed medical problem or it could be caused by certain prescription medications that affect the flow of saliva.
No matter the cause of your bad breath, there is always something that can be done to help so you can enjoy having beautifully fresh breath once more.
Happy Rock Dental is located at Suite 104, 28-30 Kingsway, Cronulla NSW 2230. You can call us on (02) 9523 0403.
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