Ensuring Your Child’s Lunchtime Snacks Are Tooth Friendly

Ensuring your child eats healthily will help protect their dental health and that they have enough energy to enjoy the school day. Here are some simple ideas for tooth-friendly lunchtime snacks.

Replace Crisps with Crunchy Crisp Veggies

Instead of a packet of crisps, chop up a selection of raw vegetables into bite-sized pieces that are ready to eat. Fresh fruits and veggies contain lots of vitamins and minerals, and crisp, crunchy vegetables contain lots of fibre and water. You could add a sugar-free yoghurt-based dip or hummus for fun and some protein.

Make a Colourful Salad

Many children like salads, especially because they often see adults eating them and associate salad with being more grown-up. Be sure to add lots of interesting ingredients such as slivered almonds, crispy noodles, apple slices and hard-boiled eggs. Include a small serving of salad dressing on the side for your kid to add just before eating, preventing the salad from becoming soggy.

Home-Made Trail Mix

Nuts and seeds are packed with nutrients, and by making your own trail mix, you can control what goes into it. Why not get your kids to make the trail mix with you? They will have the satisfaction of eating something they have made.

Feb, 12, 2021