What Are the Long-Term Health Benefits of Physical Activity?

Do you exercise regularly? If not, you may want to start, as making sure you have plenty of physical activity can help prevent chronic diseases. You could not only live longer, but you will enjoy a better quality of life. There are lots of ways taking regular exercise improves overall health and these include:

  • Better weight control
  • Increasing good cholesterol or HDL
  • Decreasing bad cholesterol or LDL
  • Improving blood glucose levels and your body’s ability to utilise insulin
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Better blood flow and improved heart function

Taking exercise can make you feel much better too, reducing stress and anxiety and depression.

How Much Exercise Do I Need?

You don’t need to exercise vigorously as walking briskly for at least half an hour a day is recommended. The biggest health improvements are seen in people who haven’t exercised for a while and even increasing your level of activity just a little bit will help tremendously. Regularly exercising can help to prevent or reverse the effects of many serious chronic diseases that include diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, cancer, and obesity. Don’t forget to include some weight-bearing exercises for better bone strength and which can reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Nov, 06, 2019