Simple Ways to Spring Clean Your Health

Spring cleaning your home is extremely satisfying, but what about spring cleaning your health? We’ve listed a few simple ways to refresh your health and wellness routines.

Enjoy Nature

As the weather becomes warmer, make sure you get out and about and enjoy nature. Being outdoors can improve your mood and self-esteem, and the Japanese believe in these benefits so deeply that they’ve even coined a phrase for it which is “forest bathing.” If you can’t get out into nature, bring the outdoors inside with a few nice houseplants that will also help to purify your air naturally

Update Your Exercise Routine

If your exercise routine is in a rut, commit to updating and improving it. A new routine can improve fitness levels, and it’s a great time of year to incorporate more outdoor activities. Also, exercising helps to relieve stress and can shed any extra weight that may have crept on over winter.

Take a Break from Technology

Technology makes everyone’s lives easier, but too much can increase stress levels. Consider taking a break from the virtual world at a set time each day or week and use the time catching up with friends or family in the real world.

Sep, 09, 2019