Sugar-Free Countdown to the Silly Season These Holidays

Avoid the sugar-rush this year and make your Christmas countdown sugar-free. Your teeth and gums and your waistline will benefit, and you can still enjoy the silly season.

Look for Sweets with Xylitol

If you can choose treats sweetened with xylitol which helps to reduce plaque buildup by reducing the number of harmful bacteria in your mouth. You’ll find xylitol in chewing gum, mints and some cereals. It can also be used in baking instead of sugar.

Go Over to the Dark Side

If you cannot live without chocolate, start eating dark chocolate over milk or white chocolate. It contains flavonoids that help protect heart health. Just look for chocolate that contains at least 60% cocoa.

Ban Sticky Treats from Stockings

Chewy sweets and dried fruits are everywhere at this time of year, but they can stick to teeth for hours and the longer they linger, the greater the potential damage to your teeth. They are especially hazardous for children with braces and can loosen bands or break brackets and wires.

If you can’t resist having something sugary and gooey, eat it all in one sitting. This reduces the time your teeth are exposed to sugars rather than making it last for hours or the entire day.

Dec, 10, 2019