Top Tips for Good Oral Health This Christmas

It can be hard to look after your family’s oral health at Christmas time, especially with all the sugary sweets and chocolate advent calendars around, but with some thought, it is possible to enjoy a (relatively) sugar-free countdown to the big day.

Focus on Activities

Instead of food-oriented treats, plan some fun family days out that you can all enjoy, and which will make the most of the great weather at this time of year.

Make an Advent Puzzle

Buy a blank puzzle and write a special message or a fun activity you have planned on it before breaking the pieces apart. Place a puzzle piece in each day of the advent calendar so that your child can piece it together in time for the big day.

Sugar-Free Advent Calendar

Fill an advent calendar with little trinkets instead of sweets. Bouncing balls, small toys, crayons or hair slides are much more enjoyable than sweets that are gone in a minute or two.

Give the Gift of a Good Story

Make time to read your kid a story each night and pick some special Christmas themed books to enjoy. Wrap the books so your child can open one each night for you to read together.

Dec, 10, 2019