What Are Crowns and Bridges?

Crowns and bridges are both fixed dental restorations to restore or replace teeth entirely. They are cemented onto existing teeth or onto dental implants and are only removable by a dentist.


We may suggest a crown if you have severely damaged a tooth perhaps because of trauma, decay or where a tooth has had root canal treatment. A crown covers up the tooth entirely, strengthening and protecting it and restoring its appearance and shape. Dental crowns can also be cemented or screwed onto dental implants.


Our dentist might suggest a bridge if you are missing one or more teeth next to each other. A bridge literally bridges the gap left behind by the missing tooth and is supported by dental crowns cemented over the adjacent teeth which are called abutments. The replacement tooth is called a pontic, and it is attached to the crowns, creating a restoration that looks and feels natural and comfortable, restoring appearance and functionality. A dental bridge can also be supported by dental implants.

Crowns and bridges are made from a variety of materials and may have a metal substructure covered up with tooth-coloured porcelain, or they can be entirely metal free. All-ceramic crowns and bridges provide excellent aesthetics and are an especially good choice for restoring teeth that are visible when you smile.

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Sep, 19, 2020